Roaya Interiors Inc.  designs based on providing the highest value to the customer in line and in tune with the latest trends and developments in the field of interior design and provide practical and innovative solutions, taking variables and market needs into account to achieve the best profit opportunities


Roaya Interiors Inc. offers to our customers who are looking to taste outstanding and high quality and thought Upscale all technical services in the field of interior design projects in various types (hotels – buildings administrative – Commercial – Apartments and villas) of the design and the technical specification and preparation of bills of quantities, raw materials, manufacturing and supervision of the shops stages of manufacturing, quality control and supervision of the implementation and business combinations until the  delivery of the project


Roaya Interiors work planning and operational programs and follow-up and coordination and continuous communication with all parties to the project to ensure completion of the project according to the plan specified time, programs and efficiently through the company staff with their extensive experience and previous successful businessman in the management and the completion of large projects.